As a wheelchair user, you constantly face unique challenges regarding transportation. Investing in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is a fantastic way to improve your life and enjoy greater independence. Here are four signs it’s time to consider a wheelchair-accessible SUV for you or your loved one.

Limited Transportation Options

It’s likely time to consider a Wheelchair-accessible SUV if you find yourself with limited options for transportation due to your wheelchair. Public transportation can be unreliable, inaccessible, or inconvenient. Relying on friends or family for rides also has its challenges because they may not have the right vehicle for your wheelchair. You can ensure you’ll always have a reliable means to go where and when you need to go, on your terms, by investing in a personal accessible vehicle.

Difficulty With Transfers

Transferring from your wheelchair to a car seat can be difficult and even dangerous, depending on the type of wheelchair you use and your level of mobility. A hydraulic lift in a wheelchair-accessible SUV greatly reduces that risk by allowing you to stay in your wheelchair during travel. This can be essential if your health makes traditional car travel uncomfortable, unsafe, or impossible.

Shared Adventure

Adding members to your travel adventures is another reason to consider a wheelchair-accessible SUV. Often maintaining their third-row seating, these converted vehicles are more spacious and can accommodate up to 8 people, even with a wheelchair user being a part of the crowd. With an accessible SUV, you will have enough room for everyone and their belongings, making trips together more enjoyable.

Desire for Increased Independence

The desire for increased independence is one of the most compelling reasons to invest in a wheelchair-accessible SUV. Regaining control over your mobility, without needing to rely on others or public transportation, can give you a huge sense of accomplishment and freedom. Additionally, depending on your local climate, an all-wheel SUV can more safely and reliably get you from A to B in all kinds of weather. And if you’ve ever tried to use a wheelchair ramp in rain or snow, you already know how invaluable both the cover a gull-wing door offers and the safe egress/ingress from a hydraulic wheelchair lift can be! An accessible SUV can give you the independence to go wherever you want, whenever you want, without having to wait on anyone.

The decision to invest in a wheelchair-accessible SUV can greatly improve your quality of life. Investing in your independence and freedom is always worthwhile. Once you experience the benefits of a wheelchair-accessible SUV, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. So, keep an eye out for these four signs it’s time to consider a wheelchair-accessible SUV and start your journey toward a more independent life today!