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Every ATC conversion is designed to provide more interior and ingress/egress Space.  ATC incorporated custom modified interior panels, custom engineered center consoles to provide industry leading space.  The patented Gull-Wing door provides a carnivorous wide -open ingress/egress space. The ATC Traverse utilize the Gull-Wing door to provide the industry leading 60” height, 33.5” width and a patented, zero ramp easy access hydraulic lowering floor / ramp. Door panel & switches are modified to be more easily accessible & provide more space.

ATC Traverse – Industry Leading Space
60" Height & 33.5" Width Door

Zero (0″) Ramp Easy – Access

Hydraulic Floor Ramp

Interior Floor 88.1”
60" Height & 33.5" Width Door
  • Fast 25 Second Cycle Time
  • Ingress / Egress  87” Width & 52.5” Height
  • Weather Protection
  • Smooth & Quite 3 Pump System
  • Powerful Hydraulic Motors
Custom Molded Door Paneling
Ergonomically Repositioned Switches

14”, 12” and Transfer Center Consoles
are available to meet your needs