2015-Present Chevrolet Tahoes & GMC Yukons

  • 2-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive
  • Driver or Passenger Side Conversions
  • Gasoline Engines Only
  • Trailering Package and Load Rated Tires Required

ATC Full-Size Conversion in Action

ATC Full-Size SUV Pricing

Pricing for our conversions is dependant on what type of vehicle is being converted and if it will be for the driver or passenger. Listed below is pricing for some of our most common conversions.For detailed pricing on a vehicle you would like to have converted, please give our sales team a call at (855) 324-3085.

Vehicle TypeMSRP*
GMC Yukon or Chevrolet Tahoe$35,495

Add-On Costs

Passenger Side Conversion$1,495
4 Wheel Drive
(charge does not apply to passenger side conversion)
Retain Heated and/or Cooled Seats$1,495
Retain Electric Mirrors$1,495
Denali, LTZ, High Country or other High-End Trim Packages$2,250
Narrow Console OEM Replacement$1,495

* Passenger side conversions must add this electrical upgrade to retain this function in ALL seats.
** Driver side conversions with memory seats must add this electrical upgrade for power mirrors to function.
*** SUV & Power Running Boards are not retained or returned.

* Not included in conversion price:

  • Locking system for wheelchairs
  • Hand controls or any other type of client assistance
  • Transportation to or from factory