Wheelchair users are no strangers to the unique challenges and obstacles that come with navigating daily life in a world that is not always designed with accessibility in mind. Some of the challenges can even be physically demanding, which require you to maintain your stamina and strength. This becomes even more important when you drive a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, because you will need the strength to operate the car. In this guide, familiarize yourself with our top tips for maintaining strength for wheelchair drivers so you can feel ready to take on the open road with confidence. Engage in Regular Exercise... Read More
Individuals with disabilities have faced numerous transportation challenges for decades. The lack of wheelchair accessibility in vehicles has limited mobility and independence, hindering people from fully participating in society. However, through the tireless efforts and advocacy of individuals with disabilities and disability rights organizations, significant progress has been made toward creating more wheelchair-accessible vehicle options. Dive into the history and evolution of wheelchair-accessible vehicles to learn more about their origin story, the challenges people faced along the way, future trends, and how ATC Mobility is helping these vehicles evolve. Early Innovations in Mobility We can trace the quest for improved... Read More
The feeling of freedom and independence you get from your wheelchair-accessible truck is incredible. However, along with that freedom comes the responsibility of properly maintaining your vehicle to ensure it remains reliable and safe for transportation. With a few tips for maintaining your wheelchair-accessible truck, you can ensure that you can trust your vehicle no matter where the open road takes you. Don’t miss our essential tips below! Regular Inspections and Maintenance Routine inspections and maintenance are key to a vehicle's longevity. Regular check-ups allow you to catch and address potential issues early before they escalate into costly repairs. Ensure... Read More
Shopping for a new vehicle requires a lot of time and research, especially when it comes to finding a reliable dealer. This becomes even more crucial when looking for a wheelchair-accessible SUV. Knowing what to look for when finding a wheelchair-accessible SUV dealer can make all the difference in finding the right vehicle for your mobility needs. Use the advice below to ensure you’re working with the right dealer! Reputation and Reviews Community is built on trust, and in the world of accessibility, trust is non-negotiable. A dealership's reputation and reviews are the heartbeat of its connection to its customers.... Read More
Are you tired of feeling limited in your travel options because of a disability or mobility concern? Do you want to plan a fun and adventurous road trip with your family but aren’t sure where to start? Whether you use a wheelchair, have difficulty walking long distances, or have other accessibility needs, this guide is for you! We understand the challenges and barriers that individuals with disabilities face when traveling, and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore new places without limitations. Use this guide to prepare for your next accessible road trip and make it enjoyable! Research... Read More