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Chevy Suburban & GMC Yukon XL

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ATC SUV Pricing

Pricing for our conversions is dependant on what type of vehicle is being converted and if it will be for the driver or passenger. Listed below is pricing for some of our most common conversions.

Vehicle Type
(Driver Side Conversion)


2 Wheel Drive 1500 Crew Cab$37,995
2 Wheel Drive 2500 Crew Cab$39,995
2 Wheel Drive 3500 Crew Cab$40,995
2 Wheel Drive Suburban / Yukon XL$42,995

Add-On Costs

Passenger Side Conversion$1,495
4 Wheel Drive
(charge does not apply to passenger side conversion)
Denali, LTZ, High Country or other High-End Trim Packages$2,250
Diesel Conversions for 2500 and 3500$2,995
Retain Heated and / or Cooled Seats*$1,495
Retain Powered Mirrors**$1,495
Narrow Console OEM Replacement$1,495
Retain Truck Running Boards$1,000
Denali Ultimate / Reserve or High Country Premium Luxury Upgrade***$2,995

* Passenger side conversions must add this electrical upgrade to retain this function in ALL seats.
** Only Driver side conversions with memory seats must add this electrical upgrade for power mirrors to function.
***Add On is in addition to Denali or High Country add-on


  1. Power RunningBoards are not retained or returned.
  2. GM 1500 pickups are rated as 5 passenger, 2500’s and 3500’s are 6 passenger.
  3. All Prices are in USD (United States Dollar)
  4. Headrest mounted rear entertainment screens cannot be retained

SUV Wheelchair Conversion

Who doesn’t want a vehicle specifically tailored to their needs? All Terrain Conversions does just that by providing mobility and independence to those in wheelchairs. We specialize in transforming standard trucks and SUVs into vehicles that cater to your unique mobility needs. Our purpose is simple but powerful: to help you regain your independence, boost your quality of life, and rekindle your love for the open road…or off-road, if that’s your thing!

Our SUV wheelchair conversion stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and inclusivity. It isn’t just an ordinary vehicle; it’s a symbol of freedom, a beacon of hope, and a practical solution that empowers you to seize control of your mobility. With its spacious interiors and cutting-edge accessibility features, this SUV helps you reconnect with the world and pursue your passions without hindrance.

SUVs from ATConversions offer the highest seating capacity of any wheelchair-accessible vehicle. In a traditional wheelchair-accessible van, seating is often compromised to accommodate wheelchair access. ATConversions allows you to maintain three rows of seating, so you can seat up to eight and bring the whole family along in one SUV.

A wheelchair-accessible van normally requires a ramp to get in and out. With All Terrain Conversions, our innovative hydraulic lift does all the work for you. Whether you want a passenger-side or driver-side conversion, our technology will lift you into the SUV with ease.

Experience the spacious lavishness of our wheelchair-accessible luxury SUV, a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Its plush interiors and state-of-the-art features ensure you never compromise on luxury, utility, or convenience.

Our goal is to enhance your quality of life, and our wheelchair-accessible SUVs for sale are the key to that goal. Trust us—you’ll want to show off your new vehicle everywhere you go. Take it to work, the park, off-roading, you name it! Anything is possible with these SUVs.

Our SUVs come in a range of sizes, makes, and models. This way, you can find the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for an SUV wheelchair conversion, you’ve come to the right place. Choose our SUV wheelchair conversion today. We offer a three-year/36,000-mile warranty on your conversion SUV, and we hold ourselves to FMVSS Highest Quality Standards to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your new ride and freedom. Feel the freedom of driving in your own SUV, experience the independence of going where you please, and enjoy a brighter, more accessible future!