crowdfunding-websites-keithMany ATC customers receive funding from outlets such as the Veterans Administration, vocational rehabilitation and state and private grants. However, crowdfunding websites such as GoFundMe can also be very helpful in assisting with conversion costs.

Often times, government, private and other miscellaneous allocations do not cover the full cost of conversion. With crowdfunding platforms, family, friends and anonymous donors can contribute an amount of their choice to a great cause.

Many current ATC owners received funding for all or part of the conversion cost through GoFundMe with the generosity of family and friends, or through the GoFundMe Charity platform. The charity section of the company allows companies and organizations to raise funds on the individual’s behalf.

There are several active campaigns on crowdfunding websites organized by prospective ATC customers or assisting organizations, with the monetary value of a vehicle and/or conversion set as the goal.

crowdfunding-websites-facebookOther options such as Facebook Fundraising are worth considering, although GoFundMe is most popular.

Are you raising money for a conversion? Drop your campaign link below!