In the spirit of the new year, wheelchair users are trading their minivans for ATC trucks and SUVs. Many have decided to upgrade to bigger and better vehicles to combat harsh winter weather conditions and rough terrain.

Improvements in performance throughout the General Motors product lines have prompted ATC customers to purchase the latest and greatest vehicles. With powertrain, safety and premium package upgrades, 2020 models are new and improved vehicles with a stylish new body style.

These new ChevroletGMC and Cadillac models are already extremely popular. As we finish the second week of the new year, nearly 50 new-model vehicles passed through our factory to undergo the wheelchair conversion process. Although our Chevy Silverado conversions tend to be a customer-favorite, we’ve also received many Traverses following the release of our new ramp-style conversion. 

Our hydraulic wheelchair lifts are also performing better than ever. Within the last few years, our system was completely redesigned for increased performance, comfort and longevity. Compatible with nearly all wheelchair brands, these lifts can hold up to 750 lbs. and are interchangeable to meet each customer’s unique needs.

We currently have nine 2020 Silverados available, including both driver and passenger-side wheelchair conversions. As always, customers also have the option to purchase an SUV or truck from a dealer of their choice and send it to the All-Terrain Conversions for conversion.

Happy new year!