Before buying a wheelchair-accessible SUV, you should ask yourself and the supplier a few questions to make the right choice. Your needs are unique, and you deserve a vehicle that supports you. Here are a few questions to consider.

What Is the Entry Method for My Wheelchair?

The method of entry is more than just a sequence of steps. When exploring accessibility vehicles, determine the best entry method for your capabilities. Avoiding ramps may be a priority for you, so you might prefer a push-button hydraulic lift, like the ones in our converted SUVs at ATC Mobility.

Is the SUV Compatible With My Wheelchair?

Before falling in love with an SUV’s sleek lines and luxurious features, make sure it accommodates your wheelchair. ATC’s measuring guides for both power chairs and manual wheelchairs will confirm whether or not you and your chair can safely and comfortably fit in the SUV you choose.

What Other Features Come With the Vehicle?

Once you’ve established compatibility, you can explore the additional features that come with the wheelchair-accessible luxury SUV. SUVs, unlike many other converted vehicles, allow for numerous technology, comfort, and design options. This is your opportunity to turn an accommodating vehicle into a personalized, enjoyable ride!

How Does the Conversion Affect the Vehicle’s Warranty?

The finer details are where a purchase transforms into peace of mind. Inquire about how the mobility conversion affects your SUV’s warranty. ATC Mobility offers a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on the company’s converted vehicle. We can offer a clear breakdown, ease your concerns, and guarantee you have the coverage you need to enjoy your new SUV.

Do You Have Financing Options?

Affording the vehicle of your dreams shouldn’t stress you out. Explore all available financing options to avoid going over budget. For example, look for resources like grants you may be eligible for.

What After-Sales Support and Services Are Available?

Access to after-sales support is non-negotiable. A reliable support system is invaluable In the long run. Upon connecting you with a local dealer from our nationwide dealer network, ATC Mobility remains committed to providing exceptional after-sales service, maintenance, and repairs. We also provide a comprehensive catalog of resources for our dealer partners to maintain your vehicle’s top performance and make the most of your driving experience.

Asking these questions before buying a wheelchair-accessible SUV will guide you through the process and help you find the right SUV for your needs and lifestyle. Mobility and freedom await you!