ATC Mobility’s Hassle-Free Solution for Selling Your

Converted Wheelchair-Accessible Trucks and SUVs

Looking to sell your converted ATC wheelchair-accessible truck or SUV? Look no further!  Our consignment offering is designed with you in mind, providing a hassle-free and efficient way to turn your vehicle into cash.

Here’s why you should consider consigning with us:

Expertise in Vehicle Conversion

We are not just a consignment service; we are the experts who built the conversion for your truck or SUV. Our in-depth knowledge of the conversion process positions us uniquely to inspect, refurbish, certify, and sell your vehicle with confidence.

Certified and Refurbished

If you’d like, send your vehicle to us for a thorough inspection and refurbishment to ensure it meets the highest standards. ATC certification adds value to your vehicle and possibly extends the warranty, making it more appealing to potential buyers.  Or, we can list it for you as-is.

Inclusion in Inventory Listings

 Your converted truck or SUV will take center stage in our premium inventory listings. This exposure ensures that your vehicle gets the attention it deserves, reaching potential buyers actively seeking wheelchair-accessible solutions.

Maximize Your Selling Potential

Let us handle the marketing, negotiations, and paperwork. Our team is dedicated to maximizing your selling potential while providing a stress-free experience. You can trust us to represent your vehicle professionally and secure the best deal on your behalf.

Wheelchair Accessories to Improve Your Mobility

Transparent Process

We believe in transparency. Throughout the consignment process, you’ll be kept informed about the status of your vehicle. Our goal is to make the selling experience as straightforward and worry-free as possible for you.

Here’s how it works: 

  1.  Simply fill out the form below disclosing all necessary details and images.
  2. ATC conducts a professional appraisal and provides the Retail and Trade-In Value
  3. ATC places your vehicle within the Inventory listings on our website until it sells.

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    Consignment transactions are subject to the jurisdiction and laws of Indiana.