Vehicle: 2020 Chevrolet Silverado RST

Conversion: Driver’s Side

Introduction: “My name is Kristi and I am a T1 paraplegic from Sioux Falls, SD. When I was 15 a rare virus called Transverse Myelitis attacked my spinal cord. I have two dogs, Romo and Pie (I LOVE dogs), I am a former Ms. Wheelchair South Dakota, I love going to concerts, the Dallas Cowboys, hanging out with my friends, fishing and traveling. I am secretary for Paralyzed Veterans of America.”

How does your ATC vehicle improve everyday life? “My ATC truck gives me freedom and independence to go wherever and whenever I want. This is my third truck and the technology just keeps getting better and better. I am looking forward to road trips! Lets go!!”

What are your favorite features of the conversion?  “I love how fast it is to get in and out of the truck. That will be a nice feature during those crazy cold South Dakota winters. I love that it is huge – I can see anything and everything around me. This is my first truck with four-wheel drive so I am looking forward to having some fun with that. And another favorite feature is when guys drool and gawk and how totally cool my truck is. ?”