In the first video of our instructional series, we demonstrate a transfer from wheelchair to manufacturer’s seat.

  1. As shown, the key fob remote control is used for operating the door and the lift.
  2. After opening the door and lowering the lift, the user will then maneuver into the original seat from his or her wheelchair.
    Note: The individual will need to transfer differently, depending his or her needs. Shown is one common technique.
  3. Once secured into the manufacturer’s seat, the user will then activate the lift with the remote to be raised into the vehicle.
    Note: Users operating unaccompanied will need to fold their wheelchair whilst in the manufacturer’s seat and pick it up to stow once lifted into the vehicle.
  4. After being lifted into the vehicle, the user will once again use the remote to close the door.

If you have additional questions regarding the transfer process or anything else, please call (855) 324-3085