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ATC Manufacturing warrants to the original consumer that its products shall be free from defects in materials
and workmanship for a period of three (3) years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. At its option, ATC will
repair or replace at no charge any ATC product that proves to be defective within such warranty period. This
warranty shall not apply if the ATC product has been damaged by unreasonable use, accident, negligence, service
or modification by anyone other than ATC or its affiliates, or by any other causes unrelated to materials and

Exclusions and Additional Limitations

This warranty relates to the condition of the ATC converted vehicle at the time it is manufactured and does not cover
parts or service as a result of:

  1. Normal wear and tear or required maintenance
  2. Abuse including, without limitation: neglect, improper operation, misapplication, overloading, accident or
    alterations not approved by ATC
  3. Lack of maintenance including, without limitation: failure to inspect and maintain, improper repair, use of parts not
    approved by ATC. All parts must be obtained from or approved by ATC.
  4. Damage caused in transit or as the result of the following:
    • –Acts of God, collision, fire, theft, freezing, vandalism, riot, explosion, or objects striking the vehicle
    • –Misuse of the vehicle such as overloading, racing or other off-road competition.
      Damage caused by failure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule intervals and/or failure to use or maintain
      fluids, fuel, lubricants, or refrigerants recommended in the vehicles owner’s manual.
  5. Customer modifications including but not limited to software changes, mechanical alterations or changes in the
    vehicle’s center of gravity.

ATC will not be liable for any consequential damages, loss or expense arising in connection with the use of or
the inability to use its goods for any purpose whatsoever. ATC’s maximum liability shall not in any case exceed
the contract price for the goods claimed to be defective or unsuitable.

Products will be considered accepted by customer unless written notice to the contrary is given to ATC within
ten (10) days of such delivery to customer. ATC shall not in any case be liable for any event occurring or
defect discovered with regard to said product unless written notice thereof is given to ATC within thirty (30)
days of such product delivery to customer.

ATC is not responsible for loss or damage to products owned by customer and located on ATC’s premises
caused by fire or other casualties beyond ATC’s control.