Shopping for a new vehicle requires a lot of time and research, especially when it comes to finding a reliable dealer. This becomes even more crucial when looking for a wheelchair-accessible SUV. Knowing what to look for when finding a wheelchair-accessible SUV dealer can make all the difference in finding the right vehicle for your mobility needs. Use the advice below to ensure you’re working with the right dealer!

Reputation and Reviews

Community is built on trust, and in the world of accessibility, trust is non-negotiable. A dealership’s reputation and reviews are the heartbeat of its connection to its customers. When scouting a dealership, look for a solid reputation. Scour online reviews to ensure the dealer is trustworthy and someone you want to work with. A salesperson’s word is one thing, but the first-hand accounts of fellow customers can paint a much clearer picture of the kind of experience you’re likely to have.

Vehicle Selection and Customization Options

Variety isn’t just the spice of life; it’s the very fabric that makes life interesting. When searching for your mobile sanctuary, ensure the dealership has a diverse selection of large wheelchair-accessible SUVs. Everyone’s situation is unique, and the ability to customize your vehicle is paramount. Explore the range of customizations available, from simple ergonomic adjustments to full conversions that seamlessly integrate your wheelchair.

Knowledge and Expertise

In the world of accessible vehicles, knowledge is not just a tool—it’s a lifeline. A trustworthy dealer is an educator, not just a salesperson. Look for a team enriched with experience and trained in the specific needs of individuals with mobility-related challenges. They should be ready to share insights and guide you through the purchase process with a blend of expertise and empathy.

After-Sales Support and Warranty Services

Signing on the dotted line isn’t the end of the partnership; it’s the beginning. After-sales support and warranty services are important ways for the dealership to continue the conversation. A reliable dealer provides more than just a vehicle; they provide peace of mind. Inquire about their service packages, warranty programs, and the avenues available for technical support.

Financing and Insurance Assistance

Another thing to look for in a wheelchair-accessible SUV dealer is a willingness to go the extra mile in assisting with financing and insurance. Seek clarity on the financing process—do they offer in-house financing? Can they connect you with resources for better loans? An ideal dealer is one that doesn’t just point you to the finish line but runs the race with you, providing invaluable advice and help along the way.

All Terrain Conversions is both an online and in-person wheelchair-accessible vehicle dealer. Start your search online, confirm the dimensions of your chair, and discuss your expectations with us, then visit a local dealer within four to six weeks to retrieve your customized converted SUV! We proudly encompass all the above elements—don’t miss out on our innovative wheelchair-accessible vehicles and expert industry knowledge!